Bank Said No? We Can Help!

Why rent when you can own 
No qualifying, no banks to hassle with. Fixed monthly payments. Let us introduce you to our SELECT HOME OWNER’S PROGRAM. Our unique rent to own program allows you to move into a home today without having to meet the typical requirements that are needed to qualify for a conventional lending institution! Our program is specifically designed to assist Canadians who are currently experiencing difficulties obtaining conventional financing. We know the challenges that a lot of people face today qualifying through a traditional lender due to some mistakes made in the past.

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However we believe everyone deserves a second chance and should have the opportunity to realize your dream of homeownership! 

If you are looking to buy a new home, but have run into problems obtaining financing due to some of the following reasons:

•   New Business Owner 
•   Self-employed 
•   Bad or no credit! 
•   Newly immigrated to the country 
•   Had a Bankruptcy? 


If you are facing these types of problems we can Help!!

We specialize in providing rent-to-own, owner financing and other creative solutions to people in circumstances just like this. We will work with you and your family to help your realize your dream of owning your own home!!

Our criteria for this program:

• No Banks 
• No Qualifying (your job is your credit!) 
• Small down payments 
• Quick approvals! 
• Self-Employment OK!  

Call 403-668-7755 or email us so we can send you an application form, and once you are approved you can start searching for your next home! There is absolutely no obligation. (All information is strictly confidential)