Pre Qualified Buyers

If you are a pre qualified buyer and interested in one of our properties we have many options for you to purchase one of our properties for sale.

We can offer:

•   Down payment assistance if you are lacking part or all of your down payment 
•   Further discount on the property if you are able to close quickly 
•   We can customize a house to your liking during renovations, if you wish to 
     purchase before or   during the renovations. From what we use for colours to 
     the type of light fixtures we use in the   property. It can be done all to your liking! 
•   We also pay referral fees if you refer any other friends or family to us and they 
     buy   a house from us. Make some extra money just for the referral! 

Contact us today if you are interested in purchasing any of our properties we have for sale or if you wish to work with us on a future project !