One on One Hands on Real World Real Estate Mentoring

Are you a new real estate investor or a current struggling real estate investor that just does not know where to start or how to start? We are now offering hands on in the field mentorship programs. We will be offering both short term and long term mentorship programs for investors and business people wanting to be mentored hands on. This will include real world mentoring on deals that you have and are pursuing and help in growing your business.


We are looking for highly motivated people who have recently taken a real estate course or are interested in getting involved in the business. Learn directly from us by doing deals hands on and getting real world experience to complete these deals. We want people who are entrepreneurs and think like one. This is a chance to grow your business with our hands on mentorships!

Our mentorships will include:

•   Exclusive one on one access including personal phone number and email addresses 
•   In the field mentoring (marketing, finding properties, viewing properties, writing and negotiating offers and much more...) 
•   Business systems setup (automation of your business) 
•   Access to our contracts 
•   Access to our database and power team (other investors, private lenders, cash buyers, realtors, lawyers, mortgage brokers, hard 
    money lenders, website developers, designers) 
•   Real advice about the business and what to avoid and where to recognize opportunities others may not see 
•   Uppers 
•   Infill Lots 
•   Turn-Key Rent To Owns 
•   Turn-Key Rentals 
•   Sweat Equity Properties, etc.